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Jeanet Maduro de Polanco
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The history of secret societies is not nearly as secretive as it would seem. We will uncover the origins and some common misconceptions about this intriguing subject. Secret Societies are an ancient tradition that has been practiced since the beginning of recorded time, but what exactly is a Secret Society? The word “Society” can mean many things; in this case, we refer to groups with clandestine initiations and rituals, which often include vows of secrecy concerning their activities.

The History of Secret Societies

Secret Societies are not new; many of them existed in the past and continue to exist today. What is fascinating about these societies is that they attract people early by promising special knowledge not available to the masses, but what makes secret societies so intriguing? The answer lies in their ideals, which often include personal development through lessons hidden behind symbolism & ritualistic practices. Many believe this information should be kept hidden away from society because it can influence our worldview and how we understand ourselves on a conscious level. In other words, if everyone knew certain truths, then there would likely be no war or conflict based on ignorance anymore.

Who Secret Societies Attract

Secret societies also attract those who are looking for a sense of community and belonging. People naturally want to be part of something greater than themselves; this is often called “the urge” or “desire.” Joining secret societies can be fulfilling because it satisfies one’s need to feel like they belong somewhere special without compromising their values in the process. Today, many Secret Societies exist worldwide, such as Freemasonry (also known as Masonry), Rosicrucianism & The Knights Templar, among others. While some people may think these groups share similarities with religions such as Christianity, Judaism, etc., their approach has been more focused on personal development than faith per se. This fact alone attracts many young adults to attend universities around the world.

Secret Societies have been around for centuries and will probably continue to exist in the future, whether people like it or not. These groups are neither good nor evil; they follow a set of beliefs that may be beneficial or detrimental depending on your perspective. If you want to change, seek out knowledge because ignorance only breeds fear, leading to suffering. Knowledge does not necessarily mean information; any form of wisdom can lead us down an enlightened path, but we need courage first! Then again, some might say bravery isn’t always about choosing between right and wrong, as it can also be about discovering the truth.

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